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Who We Are: Families Together believes family involvement, community programs, and direct support for individuals with disabilities are essential to increasing their resiliency, accessibility, ability to reach their potential, and maintaining a fulfilling life that contributes to society.  Families Together programs are designed to build and sustain strong, healthy, informed, and actively involved parents, siblings, friends, caregivers and community members, who can work together to improve the lifelong outcomes for individuals with disabilities. 

Opportunity Description: Record yourself participating in exciting activities that will keep children engaged, productive, and learning. Videos will be posted to our Youtube channel and promoted on our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you choose to create a video using Powerpoint, it may be used to create a small series of social media posts for our Instagram. 

Video Ideas: 1) Create and read a social story on video 2) create a short video presenting fun facts about your research 3) create short videos and presentations about different activities. Some activities you can cover are: baking, cooking, sidewalk chalk ideas, homemade play-dough activities, lead live dance class, sensory activities, herb garden video, yoga, crafts, sharing your own talents, etc. You can also create a social story comic strip to help children understand daily tasks, or explain when we should wear a mask while out in public. 

Video Directions: record a 2-5 minute, horizontal video of your chosen activity that begins with 10 seconds of ‘ambient sound’. Please edit the video to have a clear storyline and add any captions that add to the comprehension of the video. Please do not include a title slide, instead turn in a Word Document that lists what activity you are demonstrating (e.g. ‘Baking Snickerdoodle Cookies’, ‘Jumping Rope’, etc.) and your name (optional; if you’d like to remain anonymous please do not include your name on this document). 

Zoom Recording Directions: 1) Start a meeting with yourself.  2) Click the Record button at the bottom of the screen.  (I recommend choosing the ‘Record to this Computer’ option, rather than to the cloud, so it saves directly onto your computer)  3) Read your book/perform your activity 4) Click Stop Recording at the bottom of the screen. 5) End your meeting. 6) The video will convert and save. 7) If you want to add titles or edit the recording, you can import the file into iMovie, but high production value is not required. 

QuickTime Player Recording Directions: 1) Open Applications > QuickTime Player 2) Open File > New Movie Recording 3) Check the background of where you are recording (for personal things you don't want students to see, etc.) 4) Click the red button near the bottom when you are ready to start recording. 5) Read your story, make your movie, etc. 6)Click the red button to stop recording. 7) If you want to add titles or edit the recording, you can import the file into iMovie, but high production value is not required. 

PowerPoint Presentation Recording Directions: 1) Create a PowerPoint Presentation, include speaking notes or a script for each page. 2) Save the completed presentation. 3) Click SlideShow then click record slide show. 4) Familiarize yourself with the controls. You can also choose whether or not to video record yourself in the corner or not. 5) Click on the noted icon in the middle of the page to show the speaking notes that you created so that you know what to say. A) You can record one slide at a time or all of the slides in one setting. B) You can use the clear button to clear any audio recorded while a slide is being shown. Even if you have recorded it all at once you only have to correct one slide at a time. 6) Watch your video and make sure that you are pleased with the results. 

Still Confused?: Visit our Youtube Channel - Families Together on the Palouse to see what students have done in the past! 

When you are done please contact Beth Ficklin at for instruction on submitting your video.
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This is an online only opportunity. Risk of transmission is not a concern when service is provided online only.
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