Fair Housing & Hunger


The Fair Housing and Hunger service area focuses on two core issues: the affordable housing crisis and food insecurity. Through partnerships with local shelters, municipal agencies, and food distribution networks, students who engage in these programs will be exposed to the complex and entangled nature of these systemic issues, and will explore different strategies for ensuring our community is securely-housed and well-fed.

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Volunteer with Barbara! She's passionate about Fair Housing and Hunger!
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: 11th Annual Homeless Connections Benefit Gala: "Hope has an Address"
Homeless Connections is a local organization that provides shelter and resources to almost 2,000 people a year in the homeless and low income communities. Their annual gala is a major fundraiser that allows them to continue doing great things for the Appleton community, and they need our help! Homeless Connections needs 5 volunteers on November 15 from 10 am-1pm to help set up for the Gala at the Radisson. Please contact me (lewis.m.berger@lawrence.edu) if you can volunteer to help this amazing organization and cause!