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The Morehouse College Emma & Joe Adams Scholars Program is committed to shaping a core of students who will set a standard for excellence in service to the community.

Although the couple does not have any children, among their gifts was the establishment of the Emma and Joe Adams Public Service Institute at Morehouse College in Atlanta, which supports students who balance academic excellence with a commitment to community service.

In 1994, Mrs. Emma Adams decided, along with her husband Mr. Joe Adams, to create a legacy that would address the needs of the under-served community. Thankfully, their search for an educational institution that would assist them in having their dream realized led them to Morehouse College. Through their initial donation of $100,000, a scholarship program was formed.

The Adams Scholarship Program supports twenty-eight (28) students who must serve in community outreach activities. With the advent of twenty-eight (28) African American college male students converging on to the community to lend academic and moral support to our youth, the impact in terms of building capacity is phenomenal. Adams Scholars are steadfast in serving as advocates for children and as leaders in the movement toward social change and community redevelopment.

However, Adams' support for the college does not stop there. As major individual donors to The Ray Charles Performing Arts Center, not only have they supported the facility financially with a $500,000 gift, they also are responsible for introducing Ray Charles to Morehouse and nurturing the relationship that yielded the vision for The Ray Charles Performing Arts Center. The facility’s concert hall is named after the couple. The couple has already substantially contributed to building a lasting legacy at Morehouse, one that is not taken lightly.

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