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What is A+ Squash?

A+ Squash is a sports-based youth development program in Atlanta, GA, helping young people achieve their fullest potential in life.  Modeled after proven programs in several cities across the United States that are under the guiding initiatives of US Squash and the Squash and Education Alliance, our program provides intensive year-round programming that takes place after school, on weekends, and in the summer.

A+ Squash offers squash instruction, academic tutoring, health and wellness education, community service opportunities, and mentoring to our program participants. We make a commitment to each student-athlete, beginning in middle school and continuing through high school. Our ultimate goal is that every participant graduates from high school, is accepted into an institution of higher learning, and has the tools to grow into a successful adult.

What is Atlanta Community Squash?

Home to A+ Squash, Atlanta Community Squash (ACS) is Atlanta’s newest and only community-based squash facility, comprising five singles courts, one international doubles court, and one hardball doubles court. ACS aims to support and empower Atlanta’s diverse community and to grow the sport of squash, ACS seeks to create a place of unity through the love and enjoyment of this great sport. 


Statistics show that there is an opportunity gap in our country. Youth from lower-income families have far fewer opportunities than those from medium- to high-income families. A+ strives to bridge that gap. Not only do we want to support our student-athletes through fitness, academics, and character, we want to create access to opportunities that they would likely not have otherwise. 

Squash is one of the most rigorous and healthiest sports, as rated by Forbes Magazine. Squash requires physical and mental strength, endurance, and strategic thinking. Except for tournament play, squash is generally a self-refereed sport. This creates a platform for our student-athletes to build character by demonstrating sportsmanship and honesty.  


We develop youth through academics, athletics, and by celebrating achievements. By using educational programming, sports, and community service we develop skills and talents in our students that will yield long-term success, on and off the courts, personally and professionally.

Sustainable Development Goals
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