Oxford Community Market



Oxford Community Market is a 501c non-profit focused on food access. The purpose of Oxford Community Market includes, but is not limited to, addressing food insecurity in Oxford, Mississippi. Our goal is to increase access to fresh food for local and regional community members! We connect growers and producers with customers, delivering affordable, regionally grown and nutritious foodstuffs. OXCM promotes better health, social health, social awareness, and public dialogues that drive a sustainable economic system for vendors, customers, the Market, and the communities we serve.

OXCM operates a number of programs to ensure that Market day is accessible for everyone! In additional to operating a weekly farmer's market, OXCM is engaged in community outreach. We have volunteer opportunities in relation to our community garden project, weekly food redistribution, and stocking free Community Cupboards. 

Want to get involved? Visit our "volunteer with us" page on our website to view our volunteer calendar, or email Brenna at oxcmvista@gmail.com to find out more.
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