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MARA was created for one purpose: to connect forever families with shelter pets. We firmly believe that no shelter pet should sit in a kennel for years on end. All pets deserve the chance to be a part of a family. They all deserve a bed and a home to call their own.

We help connect shelter pets with families looking for a new furry family member, therefore reducing the time they must wait in a kennel, so they can spend the rest of their lives on a comfy couch.

Dogs and cats are sometimes spending far too long in animal shelters. In addition, many shelters do not have the capacity or programs in place to meet the mental, emotional, and physical needs of a long-term shelter animal. Mississippi Animal Rescue and Advocacy has been created to address these issues, and focuses on reducing the length-of-stay rates for shelter pets. Through our practices, we hope to begin and guide the conversation behind why animals are staying in shelters for extended periods of times, and what we can do to continue reducing the stay for shelter pets.

For more information on fostering or volunteering, please email: mararescue@gmail.com

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