Campus Recreation


Campus Recreation Mission

Campus Recreation provides outstanding services, inclusive programs, and educational opportunities to empower the University of Mississippi community in the pursuit of lifelong well-being.

Campus Recreation Vision

The Flagship

The term flagship is used in common vernacular to identify the most important or leading member of a group. It has also come to be an adjective describing the most prominent or highly touted product, brand, location, or service among those offered by a company. Flagship universities are typically recognized as the best-known institutions in the state.

At Campus Recreation, our vision is to be The Flagship.

  •  We want to be recognized as one of The Flagship departments at the University of Mississippi.
  •  We want to be viewed as The Flagship university recreation program in the state.
  •  We want to be considered one of The Flagship collegiate recreation departments in the nation.

We want our staff to be dedicated to this concept of being The Flagship, a premier organization dedicated to high performance and recognized for excellence.

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