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The Volunteer Program at the North Mississippi Regional Center (NMRC) is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities by fostering lasting friendships with community volunteers.  In this program, a volunteer becomes a special friend of an individual served by NMRC.  Volunteers with a particular area of interest or major field of study, opportunities are also available for volunteering side by side with NMRC staff in several programmatic departments.  The program offers flexible and diverse volunteer opportunities, enabling participants to choose their own time commitment.  At this current time, the pandemic has brought about change to our volunteer program.  NMRC is offering a virtual volunteering experience to our volunteers.  The volunteers will be given the opportunity to zoom, facetime, pen pal partners, or participate in art exchange with their special friend. Assignments to the program is based on shared interests and the special needs of our individuals.  Some of the things our volunteers do include remembering special holidays, birthdays or sending cards and letters.  Volunteers are a vital part of NMRC's mission to provide quality programs and services to citizens with intellectual and related developmental disabilities.  Our volunteers, in return, gain better understanding of the programs we provide and the individuals it serves-and of course lasting friendships.  
Volunteers must register with the NMRC Public Information Office, agree to criminal record and child abuse background checks, and agree to abide by all NMRC rules and regulations.

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